Yakima's Family Dentist


Preventative Services

You are the head of your oral health care team. We will assist you in many ways. We provide services to help prevent tooth decay, gum disease, malocclusion, and other oral pathology.

If you are a parent, you will also be the head of your child’s oral health care team. We encourage parents to bring children in when they begin getting their first teeth. We all want it to be a fun experience. The staff may painlessly apply a little fluoride varnish on the baby teeth to help prevent cavities. They always enjoy the rewards they earn for sitting in the dental chair, the simple toys in the special drawer.

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Diagnostic Services

A dental examination is made up of various services that guide Dr. Brazeau to make an accurate diagnosis. 

A diagnosis is a description of a disease process.

Periodontic Services


Healthy gums are essential to your oral health! Current research indicates that there are consequences to other parts of your body related to periodontal disease as well. These effects go well beyond your mouth. You and our staff will work together to treat the disease.


We want to help you maintain healthy tissues that support your teeth.

Basic Restorative Services

Dental caries (cavities) or fractures can be restored by silver or composite fillings as well as gold or porcelain, depending upon your age, the tooth location and your personal desire.

Endodontic (Root Canal) Services

Endodontic services are provided in our office as necessary. However, if the tooth requires the services of a specialist we refer to endodontists in our community.

Oral Surgery Services


Laser Services

Recent technological advances have enabled us to treat cold sores near the lips and inside the mouth with a painless laser beam.  One or two laser treatment stops the progression of the lesion and speeds healing.

Replacement of Missing Teeth

There are many options for replacing missing teeth.  If this is your concern, let's discuss options and learn what you may desire and what is appropriate for your current state of medical and dental health.

Denture & Partial Services

 In some situations a removable appliance is made to replace multiple missing teeth.  When there are not enough teeth to support a fixed appliance, the removable appliance can be fabricated to replace the missing teeth and simulate the gums.

 Dentures are removable appliances that replace all of the missing teeth to allow patients to smile, chew and speak with more confidence.